What kind of Asian are you?

Have you guys seen this video? It’s hilarious and it hits home when it comes to people asking, “Where are you from?”

I’ll typically say “here” because I’ve never left this country a single minute of my life. They’ll respond to that by saying, “No, where are your parents from?”

“They’re Chinese.”

“You see what I mean. So you’re from China.”

“I am not from China. I’m from here,” I retort.

“No, I’m from here. I’m Black (sorry that was the last conversation I had about this topic). I’m American and you’re not.”

… True life experience with a homeless man on the train about two years ago. Now when I do tell people my heritage is Chinese, they still don’t believe me. What do you want me to say?! :P Anyway, here is the video that had me cracking up. Enjoy!

Makeovers are FINE but why the HATE?


I went on to youtube and for some reason, I ended up watching this video:

Okay, I understand that these chicks got mad make up skills and the fact that they might be on the bottom of the food chain for men, but as I skimmed through the comments on youtube, was it necessary to blatantly label all Asian chicks UAF (ugly as fuck)?? I mean, not everyone was an asshole but seriously, how the hell did these two girls have the grand opportunity to represent the entire CONTINENT? Just like that British golfer (don’t know his name) who said that Asian women are the ugliest women in the world a few years ago. I really don’t know where people pull this shit from and it’s aggravating that we still have to deal with prejudice at this day and age.

I posted a facebook status on Katy Perry stuffing her bra earlier this week and somehow, everyone who commented ended up talking about false advertisement when it came to women. And as I wrote on my status, a lot of people really do not know what the average female looks like. From all the photoshop bullshit we’re fed and the trends from society, it seems as though our idea of women have been a bit off. These days, people expect women to look great all the time … during sex, at breakfast, in the shower, at the mall. Look, half of us don’t even want to impress or give you the time of the day so why the hell should we care about looking good for you? Another thing is that people don’t know what real tits look like. Here is the truth:


But, people don’t know that these days. Once the bras come off, guys are going, “What the fuck?”. Look, that’s the way it is. It’s called gravity. I don’t expect your penis to be up when it’s flaccid so stop thinking that boobs have an auto-perk mode.

Anyway, no one can look stunning all the time. No one. I have my off days and I have days that make me feel like I’m the shit. Yes, you can wear make up but I’m not about to wear fucking make up every hour of the day. I have better things to do and I’d rather not age prematurely for strangers that I don’t give two shits about.

This comment from the video really got to me.

This was the first time I’ve ever mildly insulted anyone. I usually try to be the wise sage on youtube because I get top comment all the time but this dude pissed me off. He kept talking the Middle East and blah blah blah. I’m thinking this guy is an idiot because the Middle East is a part Asia because they are not a part of Europe. Then he goes on to tell me that I have small eyes, etc. and I don’t even have a profile picture up for youtube because I rarely use it. This guy is stupid and he only accounts for a fraction of the stupidity in this world. Middle Eastern chicks wear kohl liner, eyeliner, contact lenses, the whole nine yards …. and for some reason Oriental (that is the correct term) ladies can’t? Bullshit man.

I usually don’t waste my time on people like him, but prejudice is a topic I feel strongly about.

And for the “I like naturally made up girls” saying guys, yeah right. I bet you don’t even know half of the shit she’s done to her body let alone tell you. Half of the time, men can’t discern the difference between a woman with breast implants and someone without.  Ladies don’t need to be impressing you. And the girls who are saying the same thing about how only ugly people wear make up, to hell with you too. You probably are insecure about yourself and your make up skills suck ass so that when you try to put it on, you fail miserably and look like a dumbass. Shout out to Ceci, I got her for you girl!

We should be able to dress and look how we feel/are on the inside. Not wearing make up or wearing enough to scare the shit off of a drag queen shouldn’t change the way someone feels about you if they like you for who you are. I walk out of Sephora all the time looking like Nicki Minaj and I don’t care if I’m not sporting an everyday look. I’m not for make up but I’m definitely not against it if it’s a part of who you are. I could shave my head and my husband would still tell me at the end of the day that I’m the best woman that he’s ever met and that he’d die without me. That’s friendship and love.

If you change for others, how can people respect you for doing that?

So we’ve come to the end of the post and yes, all of the above was a rant but you knew that from the beginning.

Also, I googled natural girls just because and no bitch wasn’t wearing make up. I hope you all had fun with this bitch fit. Stay tuned for more articles this weekend!

None of them were natural (no make up/no plastic-cosmetic surgery)

Movie Preview: Another Earth?

Photo courtesy of imdb.com

So I’m a bit interested in this new indie movie that’ll be coming out this July called Another Earth. It’s about us finding out that there’s a parallel universe after they’ve made contact with us. They call it Earth 2 in the movie. Another me out there? I can already see all of the plot holes when it comes to this topic but I thought it’d be nice to dream about these types of things every once so often.

I had a special political piece in mind for today but unfortunately, I have the sniffles and a bad headache so I’m stuck drinking Arizona tea and watching Coming to America.

Another Earth comes out this July 11th so be on the look out.