Windows 10 Devices

If you’ve been watching the event, you’ll be as stoked as I am about the new devices Microsoft has announced. But let me just touch on a few things I am happy about after watching the event. (Missed the event? Check it out here!)

Xbox One

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Being a gamer, I was really excited about the new update for the Xbox controller and that a new edition of Xbox One will be released. I am all about special editions of anything, lol!


By no means can I afford this but the demonstration was pretty awesome. I admit, I’d be pretty freaked out about shooting aliens in my living room but this is definitely something I know I would enjoy, and could possibly change the way people live as well. With HoloLens, I imagine there’d be a new level of richness regarding the everyday things we interact with and that is something I’d like to experience. I wonder if there will be HoloLens demonstrations in the Microsoft Stores?

Lumia Phones

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Did anyone catch that bit where you could connect your phone to their new display dock (the size of a TV streaming device) and use your phone like a computer? That is insane! I mean, that is really breaking down the barrier of phones/phablets vs. wired computers. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with this concept because if we could all just carry a computer in our pockets that runs a full operating system … if everyone could … well, wow.

The flagship Lumia phones are staying true to their original mold and partnerships meaning more Carl Zeiss optics! And the image stabilization is further developed. One more month, guys!

Getting a New Phone

People who know me know that I love cell phones. Side note on my weaknesses: A desktop with a wired connection and a cellphone with at least 2 years of technology ahead of time with a huge sensor are my ultimate weaknesses. No, I’m not one of those people who get a new phone every year or so because it’s new. I’ll wait and wait until a behemoth of a phone gets released and of course, I’d be the first person to buy it. So the Galaxy S’ came and went. So did the iPhones. Now, don’t get me wrong by thinking I am a loyalist … I am to a certain extent but when it comes to technology, the best interests in mind are my own because they are investments to me. Anyway, the iPhone 6s Plus is a great phone but I always want the best – I want the future.

It happened when I got the HTC Thunderbolt (first LTE phone) and it definitely happened when I got the Nokia Lumia 1520. That phone was two years ahead of its time and it’s now just getting outdated for me. So it’s time to get a new phone. My idea phone would have a large battery (I never want to be plugged in … I was completely spoiled by my 1520 on this), external storage capabilities with a high cap, at least a 5″ display, prioritizes camera function, etc.

I am glad I waited. I am going to get the Lumia 950XL ($649) because it’ll be the best in class. I am so excited!! Check out Engadget’s article on the Lumia 950XL here.

Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book

All I can say is that I am getting both regardless what anyone says. Surface Pros have been the powerhouse and my workhorses to getting the job done essentially. However, I always wondered if Microsoft would come up with a more durable clamshell-esque design that really offers an option in the laptop department. As great the Surface Pros were and are, they are not taken seriously by non-users who see them as tablets even though they run full OS’s. They are ultraportable devices that offer the same detachable keyboard although the Surfaces’ keyboard felt more like a random appendage with a lack of sturdiness. But we’ll see what they do with the Surface Book.

Microsoft Band 2(.0)

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I didn’t like the first band when it came out mostly because it hated the design of it. The concept, I’m okay with, but the rigidity and the sharpness of it deterred me. As soon as I saw the new Band 2 on the screen, I knew they had listened and made the right changes. It is sleeker, less bulky, and very aesthetically-pleasing without compromising functionality. I want to check it out in person and see what the clasp looks like because then I’ll know if it’ll fit my tiny wrists.

I am excited. I hope you all are and even though it’s Microsoft’s day, I believe it’s another huge step when it comes to technology. These are the motions all technology companies should be contemplating and then executing to better society and its consumers.

For more information about Microsoft’s new Windows 10 Devices, check out their briefing event here.