Nails, Video Cards, Zorro and the Frosty Caboose

I don’t always do my nails, but when I do …


I went to LA Nails Supply yesterday because I’ve been wanting to do my own nails at home for a while. So I got the CND Brisa gel system to start. There are some items that are not in the photo and some things I own already. I admit that gels are a little harder than I imagined but I’ve gotten better at controlling the product in just one day. I applied Soft White sculpting gel to my whites and I did a coat of clear sculpting gel instead of using a pink (I bought two of the cool pinks though). I had used Brisa long before applying the gel coats and I used Brisa Gloss topcoat to seal the finished work. I opted for hard gels because of the staying power, durability, and versatility. I don’t like soak-off gels because they only last for so long and I like that I’m able to paint my nails as often as I like without losing the gel layers.

So far, I’ve done both my fingernails and my toenails and they look quite natural. I don’t have to worry about peeling or chipped polish and the gel coating helps to add strength to my generally thin nails. My nails grow easily yet they break just as easily, too. Here is a picture of my hands and these are my real fingernails after apply the gel coating. I forgot to get forms yesterday but the good thing about the sculpting gels is that you can add length to your nails without tips.


I painted Red Nouveau by Essie onto my toenails but I’m not going to post a photo of those although they look really nice.

Two weeks ago, I got a new graphics card and a new power supply. I only needed something to be able to play The Sims 3 on the highest settings so I’m not going to listen to the bitching and moaning about how I could’ve gotten something better. I paid less than $150 after rebates for the graphics card, the power supply, and a mini HDMI cord from Micro Center so I’m not complaining. I tell you this, I am quite happy with how it turned out and I am happily playing TS3. Getting a dedicated graphics card has been on my mind for a few years so I decided to finally get it over with.

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It’s been a pretty jumbled post but better than no post. School is almost over and I’ll be taking the summer off.

I’ve been working at Guest Services lately and I have the next few days off (finally!). Overall, it’s been a great job and I’m happy that it gives me the freedom to do my homework simultaneously. I had my first meeting last Sunday and I got to meet everyone from Phipps Plaza as well. I’m still waiting for my extra shirts and my name badge. :)

The Sunday meeting lasted from 9-11 AM and I had to work immediately afterward until 5:30 PM. I had a play analysis due on Monday so I had bought tickets to see Zorro at the Alliance Theatre on Saturday. There was a stand set up in front of my booth and the Alliance Theatre representative and I were on great terms. So when I asked her to get me two tickets for the 7:30 PM showing of Zorro for Sunday night, she was delighted to get me great seats and a 45% discount. Peter agreed to go with me so I was delighted. Her computer was a bit slow (not slower than mine at work) so I left her my AMEX and told her she could bring me my card after she was done since I was located right behind her stand. I only asked for three things: tickets close to the front, two of them, and for them to be for 7:30 PM Sunday. Pricing wasn’t a concern as long as the criteria was met. She was so nice and she gave me tickets at group pricing.

After work, I had to go find an outfit for the play. I’ve only shopped at Forever 21 once before Sunday but I knew if I needed a place with a large variety. I bought a white sheath dress with a floral print, white and gold lucite heels, and a gold bracelet.  I was aiming for Spring meets Lana Del Rey. I got everything for under $75 and I’m quite proud I got it together for cheap within 20 minutes of time because I had to leave the mall with Peter at 6 PM. Here is a photo of the look for that night after work and after the play. My nails weren’t painted but of course (wish I had gotten the gel system before then), I didn’t have the time and my make up looks pretty washed out after the busy day.


Zorro was great! The musical was so fun and Peter and I had a blast singing and dancing to the music. I’m really considering going again and spreading the word about it. Originally, it was so I could get my assignment done but I’m glad it turned out to be so much more.

We went to the Frosty Caboose yesterday. It was my first time! I got a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of raspberry sorbet on a waffle cone and Peter got himself a banana split.


That’s everything so far. I’m a bit tired so good night for now!