Lenovo X1 Yoga, Tegan and Sara, and Updates

Just thought I would update you all on how life has been for me lately. March was crazy and I’m glad a hacking situation was taken care of. (I feel like March is always crazy for me. Something bad seems to happen every year and it’s always during the month of March.)

Surface Pro 4 Type Cover upgrade

I also upgraded my Surface Pro 3 type cover to the Surface Pro 4 edition so this is the first time I’ve been able to sit down and really bang out a lot of writing on it. It’s still in red but the redesign is great. The key travel is great and it’s pretty quiet despite me being a pretty loud and forceful typist (old habits die hard). On the SP3 type cover, the island keys virtually had no space between them and I found myself making a lot more mistakes than usual. It started to skip a lot for the past week and it finally died a couple of days ago. So I finally upgraded and I am super happy with my purchase. So if you’re a SP3 owner like me and you’re on the fence about it, do it. And speaking of purchases …

I just ordered myself the Lenovo X1 Yoga!

Photo courtesy of Lenovo.com

I have always wanted to have two things regarding computers: 1. a custom-built PC desktop (check!) and 2. my own Thinkpad (freshly-checked!). Yes, I know there are plenty of other models of Thinkpads out there but the X1 Yoga is what I wanted to start off with first. I was looking for an ultrabook that was exceptionally light, powerful, and still offered some if not most of the features I’ve come to love as a Surface Pro owner. I wanted to be able to continue drawing and annotating but I also wanted the super-premium feel of a well-built keyboard. The X1 Yoga has all of that and I don’t have the smallest doubt that it can keep up with my needs and lifestyle.

I was waiting for the Black Friday sale when the site would drop but I found out through the ad leak that this year, Lenovo would only be offering the corporate discount as the site wide Black Friday discount. I decided to place the order for my Thinkpad to be built right away. Originally, I wanted to get the OLED edition but that was sold out by the time I got to it so I settled for getting the WQHD IPS edition thinking I would still get a little more on battery life. I just placed the order yesterday and it should be arriving in two weeks. Super excited!

I’m also looking forward to getting a laptop from each of the x200 series, T400 series, and a P50. I have different plans and uses for all of them so slowly but surely, it’ll all be done. I’m just so happy that I continue to accomplish all that I set my mind toward.

I’ll be doing an unboxing and a review (a couple months in) when it’s here.

My new and current job

I’ve been at Microsoft for the past five months now. I was sent on a business trip two months in and I am really glad I get to work for such a dynamic company. The holidays are coming up and it’s time to get ready. Well, I’m a retail veteran so I’ll be just fine. I’ve requested some time off to get some R&R this week.

I’m seeing Tegan and Sara tomorrow.

Photo courtesy of thebounce.ca

I love Tegan and Sara. They are one of my favorite artists and they are really worth the trip out to see them live. I saw them two years ago at the Buckhead Theatre in Buckhead Atlanta during the Heartthrob era. They played about 21 songs with only a 10-15 minute break halfway in. They also sound amazing live (something I’m picky about.).

The concert is going to be at the Tabernacle this year. This year, they are coming back for the Love You to Death tour and I am beyond stoked. I’ll be posting pics tomorrow and hopefully videos, too (I am notoriously bad for that. I tend to enjoy myself too much and forget about documenting anything at all.).

I think that’s all for now. Be on the lookout for some new updates regarding everything I’ve talked about during this post.